Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning

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JEP Autoworks is a full service dyno-tuning facility. Equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art  Dynocom 1800x Chassis Dynometer diesels or high HP vehicle applications are not a problem.

Dyno services are available by the hour, day or can be included in installation packages. Dyno appointments are also available after hours including evenings or weekends to accommodate client schedules.

As active participants in the motorsports, we appreciate the competitive nature of the racing community and offer full discretion of dyno results on request.

Dyno Parameters & Specifications:

Our Dynocom 1800x Dynometer has a roller capacity of 24 to 108”, 10,000 lbs on the rollers, and the 750 hp Frenelsa Eddie Current brake supports up to 2500 RWHP. The rollers of our Dynocom 1800x feature an X-cut knurl to minimize tire slippage and ensure the most accurate results on extreme hp race applications (exclusive to DynoCom). The DynoCom system is also capable of pre-programming load profiles (including holding engines at specific RPMs) for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes.

Vehicle Tuning Availability:

JEP Autoworks offers dyno tuning on all types of vehicles including Off-Road vehicles, carbureted engines and aftermarket/Factory Style EFI systems.

Rates (updated August 2013):

$100 / hr – 3 dyno pulls. Time between pulls depends on cooling and preparation. Dyno services include air / fuel and pressure readings if needed. Dyno tuning services at JEP Autoworks have NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

Club Discounts and ‘Dyno Day’ discounts are available. Please contact us for rate details and scheduling.