Procharged 68 Camaro

Procharged 68 Camaro

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Procharger F1X Supercharger installation on a customers 1968 Chevy Camaro. 496 cubic inch motor … estimating 1000 hp at the flywheel with a totally streetable  engine combination complete with fuel injection, air conditioning and power steering.  More pics and dyno results to come upon completion …

Update 5/16/14: Finished intercooler mounting and starting on the boost tube fabrication. Working on the front section of the 8.50 legal roll cage


UPDATE 4/8/15

Its been  a while since an update and a slew of things have been done.  We’re getting ready for paint and finished up all the inside fabrication.


The quarter panels were replaced by another shop and were done completely wrong.  The passenger side was 2″ forward from center and the drivers side was 1″ back from center so we had to cut them to repair them.  The wheel tubs were junk as well.


Once the wheel tubs and quarter panels snafu was fixed, it was time to finish the trunk sheet metal and start fabrication of the fuel cell



Once the fuel cell and trunk were finished, it was time to undercoat the bottom of the car


Now that the underneath of the Camaro was done, it was time to concentrate on body work

Then is was on to getting the door jambs prepped and painted





Then we finished up the window net installation



More updates to come!


The car is now going back to paint to finish prepping and painting the cage, dash and inside of passenger compartment, then one final prime and one final block sand then paint time!


We’ll update as work progresses!